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Trends are close to everything, and technical analysis is the sum of all expectations, dreams and hopes. If you understand some technical analysis you can reduce your losses and narrow down the best exit and entry points. Nothing is random, and for us it is all about probabilities as we scan the entire market.

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We have been running some of the autoportfolios for more than 8 years and have gathered extensive information. Based on this information we adjusted our portfolio seclection criterias. We have also choosen to reset portfolios this year after doing good gains over for many years.     Bullet1Read more.../Comment?    17.03.16

29 Jun 17 17:15

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Vatican City (AFP) - Vatican finance chief Cardinal George Pell said Thursday that he would return to Australia to try to clear his name after becoming the most senior Catholic cleric to be charged with criminal offences linked to the Church's longrunning sexual abuse scandal.

29 Jun 17
29 Jun 17 17:15 Church rocked by sex assault charges against top cardinal (AFP)
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29 Jun 17 17:10 Cambodian five freed on bail after a year in jail (AFP)
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29 Jun 17 17:00 Djokovic battles past Donald Young in Eastbourne quarters (AFP)
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29 Jun 17 17:00 Struggling British PM faces confidence vote (AFP)
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29 Jun 17 17:00 EU braces for stormy G20, climate battle with Trump (AFP)
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29 Jun 17 16:55 Federer backs injured Murray to recover for Wimbledon (AFP)
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Insurance Australia Group Limited [Thursday 29 Jun. 2017]:
(Autocomments) Buy Candidate ( gaining 5.96)
Insurance Australia Group Limited is up by  gaining0.73% yesterday from AUD 6.84 to AUD 6.89 , and has now gained 3 days in a row. It will be exciting to see if it manages to continue the gaining strike or take a minor break for the next few days. In the last 10 days the price of Insurance Australia Group Limited has been rising in a total of 8 out of 10 days, and is up by  gaining6.66% over the past 2 weeks. Volume fell last day by  falling-0,51 million shares and in total there was bought and sold 6,12 million shares for approx. AUD 42,15 million. You should note that falling volume on higher prices causes divergence and may be an early warning about possible changes for the next couple of days.

Insurance Australia Group Limited has broken the weak rising short term trend up and even stronger raising rate are indicated. On reaction back there will be support on the roof on the current trend broken, which is AUD 6.83, a level that may pose a second chance to hit a runner. According to fan-theory AUD 7.3 will be next possible trendtop level and thereby pose a resistancelevel which may not be broken on first attempt.

Only positive signals in the chart today. Insurance Australia Group Limited holds buy signals from both short- and long term moving averages. In addition there is a general buysignal from the relation between the two signals where the short term average is above the long term average. On corrections down there will be some support from the lines at AUD 6.57 and AUD 6.18. A break down bellow any of these levels will issue sell signals. A buy signal was issued from a pivot bottom point at Wed. 07 June 2017 and this indicates further gains until a new top pivot has been found. Volume fell last trading day despite gaining prices. This causes a divergence between volume and price and may be an early warning. The stock should be watched closly.

The stock holds a RSI14 at 74 and is currently being overbought on RSI. This does not have to be a sales signal as many stocks may go both long and hard while being overbought on the RSI. It is therefore important to evalute the historic of the share as it may tell you something about the RSI-sensitiveness.

On the downside the stock finds support just bellow today's level from accumulated volume at AUD 6.84, AUD 6.36 and AUD 5.94 There is no resistance from accumulated volume above today's level and given the right condition the stock may perform very well in the next couple of days.

With no support from accumulated volume bellow todays level the risk is increased as drop bellow the support at 6.84 may give a very hugh drop in the stockprice.

This stock is usually traded at good volume, and with minor daily changes the risk is considered to be low. Last day they the stock moved AUD 0.09 between high and low and this equals 1.32%. For the last week the stock has had an daily average volatility of 1.70%.

The stock is very overbought on RSI14 (74). Normally this will pose a good selling opportunity, but since the stock has broken the trend up the chance for a major correction due to high RSI is very little as the stock will find support at the trend broken.

Insurance Australia Group Limited holds several positive signals and have broken the weak rising trend up. As is the stock are in a very good technical shape. We therefor consider to be a good choice at current levels and are expecting further gains during the next 3 months.


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