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<b align="center">Understand the market</b><br><br>Trends are close to everything, and technical analysis is the sum of all expectations, dreams and hopes. If you understand some technical analysis you can reduce your losses and narrow down the best exit and entry points. Nothing is random, and for us it is all about probabilities as we scan the entire market.

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LowScore Short

These are the lowest scoring stocks identified by Get A Graph's unique built-in Score System. The system uses advanced algorithms to define the status of the stock and based on technical analysis points, stocks are rewarded based on different elements. A low score indicates the stocks that we believe to be sales candidates.<br><br><b>Note:</b>We have liquidity restriction to stocks selected for this list, you may therefor find stocks with lower score than the ones listed. At the moment we have a <b>Kr 2 mill</b> liq limitation.

Exchange : The Oslo Stockex. Sorted by: Score (Ascending <img src="images/sort_up.gif" alt="ascending">)
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Number of stocks found:14/119
1 - 14 Company Name % Price (Kr) Liquidity (Kr) Score
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1   Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap   down -0.12% 159.80 10.94 mill -4.33
2   Veidekke   down -1.15% 86.10 15.09 mill -3.98
3   Grieg Seafood   up 0.89% 68.30 16.77 mill -3.62
4   Frontline Ltd   down -1.12% 38.92 20.43 mill -3.35
5   Salmar   up 0.56% 216.40 63.04 mill -2.98
6   Leroy Seafood   up 0.03% 39.21 49.12 mill -2.92
7   Hexagon Composites ASA   up 0.59% 25.60 2.34 mill -2.89
8   Austevoll Seafood   up 0.32% 62.60 15.06 mill -2.31
9   Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA   up 0.14% 10.52 90.80 mill -1.97
10   Stolt-Nielsen   up 0.75% 107.80 2.00 mill -1.74
11   Funcom   up 1.95% 2.92 7.37 mill -1.67
12   Marine Harvest Group   up 1.04% 131.35 334.29 mill -1.23
13   Norsk Hydro ASA   up 1.74% 60.80 338.33 mill -1.07
14   Golden Ocean   up 2.04% 70.00 63.94 mill -1.04
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