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Trends are close to everything, and technical analysis is the sum of all expectations, dreams and hopes. If you understand some technical analysis you can reduce your losses and narrow down the best exit and entry points. Nothing is random, and for us it is all about probabilities as we scan the entire market.

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Bellow you will find some backtesting results from some of the tools we offer. Very few brokerhouses tells you the true story behind their advices or only publish those advices that turned out successfully. We got nothing to hide, and we don't promise anything. Get-A-Graph is all about provding you tools to make your decissionmaking easier and hopefully better.

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| Short Term SCORE | Med. Term SCORE | Long Term SCORE |

| 2 weeks | 1 month | 3 months |

Short Term Candidates (Last 11 days)
Lend Lease Corporation Limit.. 4.11 5.59%Positive return
Santos Limited 3.98 -0.38%Negative return
Incitec Pivot Limited 3.97 3.00%Positive return
Blackmores Limited 3.94 1.31%Positive return
National Australia Bank Limi.. 3.76 2.29%Positive return
Australia And New Zealand Ba.. 3.74 1.68%Positive return
Credit Corp Group Limited 3.41 3.12%Positive return Limited 3.34 -0.28%Negative return
CSR Limited 3.17 5.39%Positive return
Beach Petroleum Limited 3.14 9.06%Positive return
XAO: Negative return-0.76%
The table show the development for the stocks with the highest average score for the given time periode.

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