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Trends are close to everything, and technical analysis is the sum of all expectations, dreams and hopes. If you understand some technical analysis you can reduce your losses and narrow down the best exit and entry points. Nothing is random, and for us it is all about probabilities as we scan the entire market.

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Startdate 9. January 2015
5 Stocks
-5 % Stop-Loss
Risk Level : Medium
| 2015: 28.95% | | 2016: -5.84% | | 2017: 8.31% |

GAG-Autoportfolio SystemS V 1.0 Tm

End-of-day prices from 17 November 2017
Date in Ticker Price in Price now Today Total
16/11/17 Tomra Systems 120.50 120.50 ( 0.00 %) 0.00 % unchanged
15/11/17 Telenor 178.70 179.40 ( -0.88 %) + 0.39 % gains
15/11/17 Salmar 257.20 249.90 ( -3.40 %) -2.84 % loss
20/10/17 Gjensidige Forsikring 146.00 150.40 ( -0.40 %) + 3.01 % gains
20/11/17 CASH N/A N/A (N/A) N/A %
This Portfolio Change last day : ( -1.17 %) Overall return : + 0.14 %
OSEBX Price in : 580.44 Price now : 796.14 + 37.16 %
Total Portfolio Return: + 31.51 %

This portfolio is still undergoing developments and we need your feedback. Give us your opinions and suggestions on design, use and functionality

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Author Comment
kjelll57 Subject: PRON posted: Aug 14, 2008 - 06:00 AM
kjelll57's Avatar

registered: Sep. 2006

Hvorfor har dere PRON i investorporteføljen samtidig med salgsanbefaling på den tekniske analysen?

hilsen kjell

Top  kjelll57
Getagraph Subject: PRON er ikke salgskandidat posted: Aug 14, 2008 - 07:18 PM
Getagraph's Avatar

registered: Jun. 2005

PRON holder vurdering, svak kjøp, hold og hold på de ulike tidshorisontene. Dersom en aksje har en ren salgsanbefaling blir den automatisk solgt i porteføljen. I visse tilfeller hvor en aksje har en svak salganbefaling, men samtidig er innenfor stop-loss kan den bli beholdt i porteføljen. Dette er for å unngå for hyppige utskiftninger.

GaG Teem

Top  Getagraph
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